Our signature 1 PC washable rugs, embedded with skid-resistant features, promise safety without compromising on style.

At Wyatt and Ash, we’re not just designing rugs…

We’re redefining convenience and elegance in every home.

Your Style

Wyatt & Ash rugs offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your style. Whether you want a bold statement piece or a subtle, elegant rug, we have options to create a personalized and stylish space.

Stain Resistant and Washable

Wyatt & Ash’s one-piece washable rugs combine style with practicality, featuring stain-resistant properties for worry-free daily use. Their convenient washability allows you to easily refresh the rug, making it a durable and hassle-free choice for any home.

Skid Resistant and no rug pag

Wyatt & Ash’s one-piece washable rugs come with built-in skid resistance, staying securely in place without extra rug pads, saving you money and time. Unlike two-piece washable rugs, they simplify maintenance for a hassle-free home decor experience.

Low Profile

Wyatt & Ash’s one-piece washable rugs offer both style and practicality with their low-profile design, perfect for doorways, and compatibility with robotic vacuums. They effortlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, making maintenance of your living spaces a breeze.

Pet Approved

Wyatt & Ash’s one-piece washable rugs are ideal for pet owners. They resist snagging from claws, are stain-resistant, and easy to clean. These rugs offer both practicality and comfort for your pets, enhancing your home’s pet-friendly atmosphere.